About Us

Amina and Adam bottle feeding baby goats Nancy and Adam Amina and Adam playing on the hay

Wildlife on Wheels was founded in 1997 by America’s Teaching Zoo graduate Nancy Rouas. Her love of animals and enthusiasm for teaching children has created a unique educational experience for children of all ages. Our animals are kept in a rural setting on a two acre ranch in the South East end of the Las Vegas valley. Petting Zoo 2 U evolved as our collection of domestic animals grew and we noticed how much our own children loved interacting with the animals. We were prompted to share them with those who might not get a chance to live the ‘farm life’. We love bringing smiles to the faces of participants young and old. The animals we use are a part of our ‘family’ and are cared for daily with kindness and respect. We promote responsible pet ownership; please think seriously before bringing any pet into your life. We are friendly, college trained, professionals who strive only to leave the world a slightly better place than we found it.